Our Services

WDO Reports

Wood Destroying Organisms Reports for Real Estate Closings

Termite Treatments

Subterranean and Drywood Termites

Termite Bonds

Renewable Termite Bonds on all termite treatments purchased


Pest Control and prevention programs customized to fit the needs of your home.


Business Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Warehouses

Real Estate

Home Loan WDO Inspection & Reports for real estate closings and pest elimination services for your lease agreements customers

Short Term Rentals

Extensive experience in multi-unit account agreements and services.


Infestation in your ride? We can help you with that too.

Mobile Notary Services

Florida Public Notary Service that comes to you.

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Lawn & Ornamental

Yard Sprays & Landscape Fertilization


American, Brown Banded, German, Oriental, Smokey Brown


Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants, Pharoah Ants, Redwood Ants, Sugar Ants


Jumping Spiders, Crab Spiders, Wolf Spiders, Black Widow Spiders


Earwig, Firebrat, Lepisma, Long Tailed, Zygentoma

Fleas & Ticks

Indoor/Outdoor Service for Cats and Dogs


Eliminate the sting from mosquito so you can enjoy the evening outdoors

Wasps & Bees

Carpenter Bees, Bumble Bees, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Mud Dobbers

Bed Bugs

Troublesome household pests. They're sneaky, hard to find, and can pose potential health risks for you and your family.